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A Practitioner’s Reflections on Education Marketing

When to hire a freelance education copywriter

Most education marketing departments are struggling to stay on top of the amount of content required to support a robust content marketing program. It can be difficult to justify a full-time content writer when staff and resources are limited.

Even if you’re lucky to have someone who spends half their time writing emails, whitepapers, case studies, surveys, and web pages, there are just not enough hours to fill the funnel with everything you need to support your prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

It might be time to hire a freelance education copywriter if you:

·       Are overwhelmed with deadlines

·       Have an inexperienced marketing team

·       Don’t have enough staff to handle all demands

·       Can’t manage to make time to write everything yourself

When it is time to turn to a freelance education copywriter, you want someone who not only has strong writing skills, but also has history in the education industry and a record of success writing for other education companies.

Hiring a freelance education writer fast tracks your content development

Freelance writers are skilled at synthesizing complicated information into easy-to-understand text. You’ll want someone who understands what your customers and prospects need as well as understanding your business goals and objectives. An education industry background is ideal.

Experienced freelance copywriters understand that content writing is strategic and must accomplish a goal. It needs to move the prospect to the next stage of the buyer’s journey and to initiate some kind of action. Considering that most marketing execs are too busy to set aside time to write marketing content themselves, hiring a freelancer makes economic sense.

There are some terrific freelance writers working in K-12 education technology, higher ed, and workforce development. Some have magazine backgrounds. Some have product development or teaching backgrounds. Some have even sat in your chair – former marketing execs themselves who built content development teams and truly understand your business goals and objectives.

What to look for in a freelance education copywriter

You definitely want someone experienced. Part of the reason you’re hiring a freelancer is to help support your internal team. You don’t want to have to teach them the industry or how to write. Ask for samples. 

Also know that you get what you pay for. Inexperienced writers don’t cost much on the front end but can get very expensive on the back end with endless rewrites that put you behind schedule.

You certainly don’t want divas—freelancers are writers for hire. Content has to be substantive; facts matter. Freelance writers are supposed to make your life more manageable – creating content you can’t get developed with your existing team.

Look for references and testimonials. Are they easy to work with? Dependable? Meet their deadlines? Show up for phone conferences? Communicate with you the way you want them to?

Is their copy conversational? Even white paper informational content should not be stilted or too academic. 

Do they add value when they create marketing content for you? Do they have good research skills? Understand the market drivers? Know how educators and administrators work together? Do their web pages convert leads?

You’ll know when it’s time to hire a freelance education writer, so think of these suggestions as guide posts to finding the right education copywriter for you.






Annie Teich