The 10 +1 Lessons from the TeacherTech Blog Interview

at-the-computer.jpgFirst published June 30, 2008

Before we leave behind the interview with Scott Walker of TeacherTechBlog, let's review some blog best practices that he shared with us. If you missed our two-part interview with Scott, then take a few minutes and read it at the two inks below. We'll wait.

How an Educator Uses Social Media to Share Ideas- Part 1

How an Educator Uses Social Media to Share Ideas- Part 2

So, what are some of the takeaways for the rest of us to learn from Scott?1. He has accomplished one of the primary goals of blogging in that he has established himself as a credible authority on educational technology and other educators look to him for guidance and insight.

2.  He confirms the commitment of time required, but also sees that time as an investment in building a high-value experience for his readers.

3.  Scott's readership growth in one year from launch to 10,000 means that his tech tips were successfully viral as he has achieved exponential readership growth in one year.

4.  He has built readership by reaching out to others in the blogosphere tackling similar topics and now has readers in 103 different countries. That is an impressive metric for one year's work.

5.  Blogging has become an integral part of his own professional life.

6.  Even though he is not eliciting lots of comments on his blog (something that many bloggers focus on), that was not a part of his intention which was to share his technical expertise with other educators and so Scott has built a community of people who look to him for thought leadership and practical advice. 

7.  His passion for his subject matter and his community have led to meaningful engagement outside the blogosphere. Translation = real life professional opportunities.

8.  Blogging has led Scott to explore and learn about other social media which expands his audience and promotes his blog.

9.  He has expanded his span of influence from 1:1 to 1:10,000.

10. Blogging allows Scott to reinforce and celebrate lifelong learning.

+1.  Scott's experience demonstrates the power of connection and a principal of sales in the K-12 marketplace. Educators prefer to buy from folks they "know". As Scott says himself:

"…for me, seeing a company with a blog or other social media presence is like putting a face with a name…if it is done with a personal touch I am a lot more likely to single them out amongst the sea of competition."

And isn't that what we are all trying to do with our marketing efforts – stand out from the competition?

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