The #1 Blogging Mistake and How to Fix It

It's easy to do. We're all so busy in "regular" times that when we hit "extraordinary" times, our too-full schedules quickly come unraveled.

I'm no different, which is why it's been since late May since my last blog post. I have perfectly good reasons. Most of us do. A family wedding, a funeral, a conference, travel, a summer cold and VOILA!! More than a month has passed without a blog post.

If I were one of my own clients, this is what I'd say:

Regular and consistent blogging (on whatever frequency) is the #1 rule.


Because once you begin building an audience, they depend on you to be there – to provide information or guidance or inspiration – whatever it is that you are sharing on your blog. Once you're gone, they'll find others to fill this need and you'll be left to start over.

AND, you've lost the primary funnel of new content that keeps the search engines happy and allows people to discover you – increasing your discoverability is one of the primary benefits of content marketing.

So, now that it's happened, what's the best thing to do about a neglected blog?

First, you need to write a post to put the blog back on the map–for your readers, your SEO and your content marketing strategy. Because another primary goal of blogging is to be authentic and transparent (not PERFECT), it's fine to share with your readers what happened. People understand when life interferes with our plans.

Second, reclaim your social media strategy by promoting and pushing that content out on your networks to let your readers know you're back. Will you get them all back? Unlikely, but you will get some back.

Third, you need to find a way to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

  • commit to a blogging schedule that is reasonable for you.
  • write an evergreen post each week to build a library of blog posts so that you can schedule these for when your life keeps you from writing on a regular schedule.
  • arrange for some guest blogging from folks who have meaningful information to share with your readers.
  • curate some content to share from other sources that your readers will find helpful.

The next time you need to take a break from your blog (and we all do), let your readers know. If they know what to expect, they'll continue to check back until you return. Try not to leave them hanging.

Any other strategies that work well for you in keeping yourself to a writing schedule?

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